Red Cliffs Secondary College signed a sister school relationship with Dali Prefectural Minority Middle School in 2009. Dali is located in Yunnan Province in South West China.

A relationship has existed between the Mildura Rural City Council and the Dali Prefectural Government for a number of years.  Initially this relationship was aimed at boosting trade opportunities for primary producers in the Sunraysia area to create export markets, however this was initially slow to take off.  Links between Sunraysia TAFE, La Trobe University Mildura Campus and Dali University did take off, with students from each location travelling to the other to further their studies.  During 2009 an offer was made to Merbein and Red Cliffs Colleges to become a part of the educational relationship, which both schools enthusiastically accepted.  In September 2009 the Principals and School Council Presidents of both schools travelled to Dali to sign sister school agreements with two schools in Dali.

The first cultural exchange occurred in August 2010, when 12 year 10 students and 3 staff from Dali visited Red Cliffs. This was followed up in September 2010, when 12 year 10 students and 3 staff from Red Cliffs travelled to Dali, Kunming and Lijiang. Whilst in China, Red Cliffs students visited local tourist attractions, sampled the local cuisine and home stayed with the families of their host brothers and sisters - a unique and exciting way to become immersed in the true Chinese way of life.  Students also attended classes at school, where they experienced many differences to their normal school day, including 7am to 10pm school days and classes of 70.  Red Cliffs and Merbein students travelled together.

The second exchange occurred in August and September 2011, when 17 year 10 students from each school visit the other school. The 2011 trip to China took the Red Cliffs students to Dali, Kunming and Beijing, where students walked part of the Great Wall, visited Tiananmen Square and the People‚Äôs Palace.  In 2012 Xian was added to the itinerary; home of the Terracotta Warriors.  Irymple Secondary College joined the other two schools in 2012, when they became a sister school with a third Dali school

Plans for the 2013 trip are well under way, with 16 students from year 10 visiting China in September, after hosting 16 Dali students in August.