To provide the local and broader community with high quality state education for young people in years 7-12.  To treat all students as individuals and assist them in becoming educated people who can make a positive contribution to the community, both now and into the future.  To develop and foster positive relationships with families, other educational institutions, support services and the broader community in order to provide many opportunities for our students to grow academically, socially, emotionally and as member of society.

There are four words that appear on all of our school’s paperwork; Resilient Compassionate Successful Citizens.  This is what we as a staff are committed to help shape and develop in each student – a person who is able to bounce back when things don’t go quite to plan, someone who is caring and considerate of others, someone who is able to realise their hopes and aspirations and someone who will be a positive member of their community, wherever that may be.

Red Cliffs Secondary College seeks to educate the whole student as an individual.  We place equal importance on the development academic, social and emotional skills.  We embrace the concept of life-long learning so that all students can make positive contributions to society both now and into the future.  We encourage and develop in students the capacity to take risks, embrace opportunities, support each other and be accountable for their decisions