The Performing Arts Faculty at Red Cliffs Secondary College provides students with opportunities to get actively involved in a wide range of activities in the Music, Drama and Dance areas of the curriculum. As the only Government 7-12 College in the area, students have a unique opportunity to attend the college and continue to be a part of the Performing Arts community at the college from their first day of high school until their last day as a student in secondary education. Our Music Faculty is also a proud member of the Soundhouse alliance and Musical Futures. Information on both these programs can be found by clicking on the following links. We are also on Twitter at @RCSCMUSIC




The Music Faculty provides students with both classroom and instrumental tuition and allows students to learn the following instruments as part of our extracurricular Instrumental program.
French Horn
Low Brass (incl. Tuba)
Bass Guitar
Percussion (incl. Drum Kit) Once students get to the appropriate standard, students are then invited to join our College Junior Band, Senior Stage Band, Choir, Guitar Ensembles as well as participate in student led groups and ensembles. Students regularly compete in the Eisteddfod with outstanding results; perform at community programs and performances and some also complete external music exams (AMEB) through the college. Our new initiative throughout 2012 was Red hot Jazz at RCSC and the Music Department played a dominant part in the entertainment for the night. 2012 and 2013 also sees a push for students to be proud of being involved in the performing arts through performance and connecting with other musicians across the district in many of the local ensembles in our wider community.


The Drama Faculty provides students with both classroom and extracurricular opportunities to develop and display skills in the dramatic arts. Students regularly perform to other classes the work that they are completing in class and also are heavily involved in our wellbeing days and local Theatre Sport competitions. Students also regularly visit productions to gain an understanding of stagecraft and performance and the behind the scenes aspects of this art form.


Red Cliffs Secondary College has had a long history of dance through our previous involvement with the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge. Although this association is no longer in place. Dance students continue to have opportunities to perform in performances to both the community and to their peers. Students who dance also learn from opportunities to attend performances and workshops with visiting artists to our region whenever the opportunity arises.