The domain of Design, Creativity and Technology (DCT) emphasises engagement in designing, creating and evaluating processes, products and technological systems using a range of materials as a way of developing creativity and innovation. Creativity in this domain can be described as applying imagination and lateral and critical thinking throughout design and development processes.

Design is a vital step in transforming ideas into creative, practical and commercial realities by optimising the value of products and systems. Designing and its application involve planning and organising production, and evaluating products in a real context. Contexts may relate to; for example, what we grow, eat, wear, build, make, our health and safety, and how we travel and spend our leisure time. Designers consider problems, needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them by developing a range of ideas, which are developed into utilitarian products or systems

The Design, Creativity and Technology domain at Red Cliffs Secondary offers the following disciplines: Food and Technology, Textiles, Fashion and Design and Wood