The Red Cliffs Secondary College’s Wellbeing program is central to the school’s philosophy of working with families and the community to develop resilient, compassionate and successful citizens. It is only with emotional, social and physical health and wellbeing that learning, performance and educational outcomes are going to be maximized.
The demands on young people are diverse, and the Wellbeing program is designed to provide them with the relevant support which could be any of the following:

  • information that will assist them in making positive choices in their lives
  • identifying issues that are impacting on them and assisting them to learn new ways of understanding and managing these issues.  This may include developing problem solving, conflict resolution, restoring harm, and anger management skills
  • advocacy, mediation or negotiation with family, friends, peers or teachers
  • assistance in exploring and developing their strengths and resilience to manage the ever presenting challenges of life
  • support for change, loss, grief in their lives
  • referrals to Student Services or  external agencies

Primary prevention programs:

  • All Junior School students are offered - Good People to Know, Out With Bullying sessions, and Managing Change for Year 7s; Alcohol Awareness day for Year 8s; Mental Health day for Year 9s
  • Senior School Students are invited to apply for the Supportive Friends and Peer Leadership programs for Year 10s; and Reflection and Relaxation sessions for Year 12s.

Student voice and ownership is created with the senior school team of trained peer leaders and supportive friends that work to enhance a warm, safe and welcoming culture where young people are heard, respected and valued. These two programs contribute to a healthy and happy community environment at the college.

RCSC has invested in a team of dedicated professionals to support our students, families and staff with: Julia Lohmeyer (College Nurse) with many years of experience in  nursing in a variety of settings; Frank Tuppin (College Chaplain) who is also teacher trained and a local minister; and Barb O’Hara (College Wellbeing Coordinator) who as a social worker has worked in student services and as the region’s wellbeing/drug educator. The team work closely with the Student Management team to ensure every student has a support person when needed.
We are located in the Hugh Williamson Wellbeing Centre which consists of: four offices; waiting area; wellbeing classroom fitted out with fully working kitchen; and a covered decking area.
We welcome enquiries from families about the wellbeing program, and how we can support your daughters and sons to enjoy and achieve, not only their educative potential but social, emotional and physical  health and wellbeing.