strategic plan

Red Cliffs Secondary College is committed to developing lifelong learners who are confident and capable of achieving their full potential.

We foster a cooperative and supportive learning environment that is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all students.

We aim to develop independent learners who have a strong sense of self-worth and compassion for others.

Our vision will be realised through an enduring partnership involving all members of the Red Cliffs Secondary Community.

The Red Cliffs Secondary College motto is Resilient Compassionate Successful Citizens. These terms are defined as:

• Resilient: a person who is able to bounce back when things don’t go quite to plan;

• Compassionate: a person who is caring and considerate of others;

• Successful: a person who is able to realize their hopes and aspirations; and a

• Citizen: a person who will be a positive member of their communit